Euro GV d.o.o. is a Slovenian company mainly engaged in the production of fire-fighting trucks. The Company was founded in 1985 and has experienced steady growth since then based on continuous quality improvement of our products and especially owing to our investments in R&D.

Our policy is to promote further modernisation and development of the Company so as to remain the leading producer of fire-fighting trucks in Slovenia and with the goal to become one of the leading producers of fire-fighting trucks in Europe.

The current production volume amounts to 80 units per year, which is executed by our high-qualified employees. The number of employees varies throughout the year and can be adjusted to meet peeks in demand. Euro GV d.o.o. always respects the relevant contractual obligations adjusting its production accordingly.

The production capacities are extremely flexible so we are able to fulfil any requirements that the client might have. There is a wide spectrum of options ranging from extended cabs based on a chassis originating from all major manufacturers, to fully equipped fire-service vehicles. Test.

Our advantages

Experience - more than 30 years
Modernisation & development
High-qualified employees
Present in 17 countries

The standards implemented in the production of coachworks for fire-fighting trucks are at an EU comparable technological level applying aluminium profiles, sheet metal, laser-cut aluminium sheets and synthetic materials.

The equipment built into each truck is of high-quality and originates from renowned European manufacturers. It is economically installed in accordance with the type specification, standards and instruction guidelines of individual automobile chassis manufacturers.

You can find products manufactured by Euro GV or arising out of several cooperation arrangements concluded with Euro GV in countries such as Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Germany, Switzerland, Netherland, United Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan, Egypt, DRC, Nigeria, Kenya, Vietnam, Russia,  India and China.


Our vehicles

have the best mix between quality and price in the world


Life time of vehicles minimal 15-20 years – by regular services


Vehicle are designed for working in hard conditions


Vehicles are designed to be friendly to the users


Newest design and tehnology of building


Individual treatment of all clients and Individual solutions
Very flexible capabilities and quick reactions
Good sales and after sales partnership
trying to accomplish partnership with our buyers
We are always trying to achive the best possible price for a given quality